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We feature reviews of the best poker rooms. Since you are here, obviously you are interested in playing some online poker. This site features only the most popular poker rooms. So whatever poker room you choose, rest assured that this site lists only the best. These are the online poker rooms where our experts play too. We hope you have lots of fun and make a lot of money, just like we did.

How did you rate the online poker rooms?

If you are asking yourself how we rated the online poker rooms, they were rated by:

- Financial Safety
- Game variety
- Deposit and withdrawal options
- Software
- Tournaments
- Freeroll Tournaments
- classic casino games of the poker room
- Support

What are the best online poker rooms?

There are three online poker rooms that stand out from all the rest. These are: Titan Poker, Pacific Poker
and Party Poker. We've made a table so that the differences between these top poker sites is easily comparable. After the table you will find more detailed info about these poker rooms.
Remember - poker is a lot like meditation! You have all the answers in your own hand!

Titan Poker Pacific Poker Party Poker
  Overall Rating 5/5 4.8/5 4.7/5
  Financial Safety 5/5 5/5 5/5
  Deposit and
  withdrawel options
Lots of options,
see details.
Lots of options,
see details.
Lots of options,
see details.
  Software High quality,
best gameplay!
Great! Great!
  Signup Bonus $500 Sign-up $100 sign-up bonus $100 sign-up bonus
  Support Great! Great! Great!
  Website Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
Titan PokerTitan Poker Room
Titan Poker - Overall Rating View Enlarge
Perhaps the ‘hottest’ poker room of the moment, recently-launched Titan Poker is the newest leading poker room in the “iPoker network” (PlayTech).

This young site features incredible graphics, extensive language support, and basically an overall engaging and enjoyable experience with loads of options. The site has been consistently making headlines online as well as in print media and even television. Much of this is due to the overall quality of the site but the incredible promotions and bonus offers have done more than their part to boost the site’s reputation as well.

As you may already be aware, Titan Poker recently made headlines when it announced a $100 million freeroll that it plans to hold in the Spring. Not a bad opportunity! In addition, the site also has an incredible $500 Sign-up Offer. Titan Poker works hard to attract new players and through such amazing promotions and bonus opportunities - the site advertises many other free rolls, referral bonuses, and traditional loyalty and new account bonuses - it’s no surprise that it becoming the fastest-growing online poker room of the moment. Titan Poker also boasts a rake that is better than the industry average as well as the continued presence of a substantial number of ‘soft’ games. So, for the moment, it’s easier to be a winner here than elsewhere and you the casino keeps less of the pot. We can find no flaws with the customer support which seems to be wonderfully reliable and responsive, and we were pleased to see that fixes were made quickly with some of the initial software problems.
It goes without saying that the game variety could be increased but with such a new site, and taking into account the other superior advantages (bonuses, graphics, aggressive marketing, etc.) such a small disadvantage is easily overlooked. Also, because it’s still relatively new, Titan Poker doesn’t experience the same traffic as some bigger more established sites. However, once again, we believe the sites strengths and its commitment to improvement will soon change all of this. So far, Titan Poker has not only earned its position at the top of most rankings, but also possesses all of the necessary ingredients to become leader in the online poker world play  free online casino games at

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Pacific PokerPacific Poker Room
Pacific Poker - Overall Rating View Enlarge
This poker room has undergone some dramatic improvements and deserves a stop, or a return visit, if you haven’t checked it out recently. Quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing and most exciting poker sites online, Pacific Poker still has a reputation for ‘soft’ competition but is making considerable efforts to replace such an association with an overall quality experience.

Some players may be looking for ‘easy’ games and consider their availability at Pacific Poker to be a huge advantage. If you're a beginner and want to slowly adjust to your poker experience in a non-intimidating and welcoming environment, Pacific Poker is a great starting point. But, make no mistake, Pacific Poker does offer high-limit tables and it’s working hard to increase the level of competition.

Overall, Pacific Poker is a wonderful online poker room. The software, slow and frustrating at times, could benefit from an upgrade, but the room’s improvement in other areas overshadows any other drawbacks. Positive adjustments are taking place and the bonuses ($100 sign-up bonus - deposit $160 for a bonus of $100; one point for every $10 and, in turn, one bonus dollar for every 100 points) are quite appealing.

In addition, although you might not expect it, there is a generally high volume of players at Pacific Poker and the site has a very dynamic and energetic feel despite its reputation as a low-wager "safety zone". We feel that Pacific Poker is an all-around wonderful poker room for any poker player (as we’ve said, high-limit tables do exist and increasing in number) and provides good bonuses and top-notch security.

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Party PolkerParty Poker Room
Party Poker - Overall Rating View Enlarge
As the world’s largest online poker room - with over 50% of the market - Party Poker maintains such popularity and prestige with superior features in virtually every area when compared to other sites.

The high number of players is one, but certainly not the only, excellent reason to check out this behemoth. Obviously, to attract such a high level of traffic, the biggest and most popular room on the Internet must be doing a lot of things right.

Party Poker boasts a large selection of tables and wide betting limits, a well-designed appearance, reliable software, and excellent cashouts. The site offers good bonuses to new and loyal customers and pays out quite efficiently - transactions are smooth, reliable, and effortless. Although some other online poker rooms have better graphics, Party Poker beats them out with the large and superior number of tables to choose from.

Recent changes have also contributed to the overall positive experience provided by Party Poker. Despite recently going independent, the site still claims the highest online traffic. Blackjack and opportunities for side-betting have been added as well. The customer service is stellar and the staff is devoted to keeping its large customer base happy. While the game selection isn’t as large as at other sites, “Easy-to-beat” games and specialty events and tournaments add a unique flavor and contribute to the site’s ability to appeal to both beginners and veterans. Overall, we find little reason to argue why this incredibly popular site shouldn’t deserve its position as the most heavily visited poker room on the internet.

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